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  "I miss you're posts"

*whispers* your *whispers*

Sorry about that, anon. But you’re the only one who feels this way, i guess.


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  "Permission to use your Lara dossier for my blog? Some of it anyway?"

Depends. I worked hard on it and don’t want to just give away all my stuff. I may come back to this blog someday in a… Well, distant future. Which parts do you want to use? May I have your URL to check the blog out first as well? Sorry for all the requirements and probably a also late answer. I don’t log here often anymore (shouldn’t even do it tbh…)

  "Well, I'll miss you. You were the best Lara on tumblr."

I appreciate your kindness, grey-face, but everything that’s good shall come to an end sooner or later, unfortunately. I had a great time on tumblr’s roleplay in the last 5 years, but i realized that it was not having a healthy impact in my life, actually, it was quite the very opposite. Taking my distance this month was both physically and psychologically relieving for me. I was addicted, even though I couldn’t admit back at that time. Spending too much time in the Internet made me absent from the real world and the people around me, bad influences made me struggle more and more at each day to maintain a illness because “there was nothing wrong with it” even though it clearly affected me in a negative way, all that only for aesthetics. I became distant, bitter and isolated, my grades went down and so did my relationships with the people I love the most; my family. Now, I feel like I’m putting my life back on tracks. I’m happy, healthy, and my grades at college raised in a incredible amount. I do miss people here sometimes, after all, I had great friends, but depriving myself from this environment has been the best thing I ever chose to do.

I am very sorry for the wall of text, the words just started flowing as I answered.

And one more thing; thank you all (again) for the support, it meant and still mean a lot for me.

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Funny how suddenly I’m the asshole, traitor who had no reason at all to do what I did. Ha, I shall laugh.

Anyway, this is just a really late post to warn you all that this blog and all of my other ones are permanently inactive until I have the patience to delete my accounts. Not that anyone missed me, nor that I actually care about that. Feel free to unfollow.

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??? ;


oh, guess I did. Sorry.❞  

  An empty apology at that

  whilst small trinket was placed in the spot it had once been placed.


❝Oh christ, I can’t leave one thing behind without it being broken
while I’m out❞ It’s quite visible how Lara felt more annoyed than 
angry. ❝At least it wasn’t exactly important Still, it was a loss, but
she had the money to replace that object soon 

❝Anyway, who are you?❞

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dante ;

       There was one admirable feature that stood out beyond the dirt on the young woman’s face. Courage. Typically, he wouldn’t know whether or not to call a similar decision stubborn or foolish. Even in his line of work, fending off against an army of demons wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. The job was kept to professionals. Chances were, he would have to come back to the area eventually to wipe out what would be considered a threat in a poor customer’s eyes. 


       ❝ — The name’s Dante. If you dealt with some of ‘em before, you deserve a round of an applause. Now, how about we skip the drama and kiss and make up? ❞

    And as quick as those words the defiant expression in Lara’s face became one of outrage and confusion. It was easy to read her features and assume about her thoughts in that moment; she was in a lack of reaction, pulling the string of her bow further back before lower the bow, unconsciously aiming it to the ground as her brows furrowed in a not so subtle scowl. ❝Excuse me?❞ The tone in her voice became even harsher than before, and quickly, the girl removed the arrow from it’s previous spot, putting it at the quiver in her back along with the compound bow. ❝Kiss and make up, you say? Do I look like a whore to you? I’d mind the answer in your place❞ Yes, she was offended, it wasn’t needed much of a clever eye to see that.

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tifa ;


♚ - It didn’t entirely bother her that she had been accused of being nosy. It was actually quite funny since she had heard it before. She had absolutely no idea where such accusations came from. She was a bartender after all and serving customers was only half of her job. Most, if not all, customers came here to get around from their problems even if it was only for a night. It was her job to help them however she could whether it was serving them endless shots of tequila, advice, or just lending an ear.

Was her assistance always wanted? Absolutely not. There had been countless times she had been told to ‘fuck off’ or someone had misinterpreted her friendless by deciding to get a little too friendly themselves. It always resulted in hurt feelings and a bruised face in return. A few bad apples wasn’t going to stop her from doing her job. Besides, it was interesting meeting different people and hearing their individual stories was certainly a treat and was a way to get away from the dull life of the slums.

She grabbed a shot glass and poured some tequila in it.”The name’s Tifa Lockhart." She answered quickly before downing the shot with ease. She was beginning to feel tired and the quickest remedy for it was alcohol. "Am I allowed to ask you yours or is that digging to deep for you?" She asked, giggling drunkenly at her unintended pun.

     Over a year before, Lara would be, unwillingly, in that woman’s skin; a bartender whose duty was to serve their clients what is asked, handle some tough situations such as fights between drunk men, the occasional harassment of some others who’d already lost any sense of shame or respect after a couple shots, and some people who were in such a bad day and mood that the waitress job became not only to serve, but to provide the costumers a bit of solace and friendly talk. Of course, the brunette had never been exceptional in that job, but she did her best while there was still a way to, after all, even though friendliness wasn’t exactly one of her prominent traits, it was there in a subtle dose.

    So the memories of a recent past and the purpose of those questions made by the other woman eased Lara’s thoughts, made her expression a little lighter than before and shoulders just slightly more relaxed in opposition to seconds ago. Maybe becoming acquainted to the waitress’s name also helped the young archaeologist to feel more comfortable to keep up with the questionnaire. 

    ❝Name’s Lara Croft❞ Her voice comes out in a lower tone this time, the attentive and curious brown eyes darting over Tifa’s features, trying to notice if something, anything, looked a little off. Lara could be young, yes, but she had a slightly long list of enemies who could somehow dig for information about her through informants. Luckily, that one girl seemed just fine, nothing too unusual or suspicious. ❝I’m just… making some researches about a specific place, that’s all. There’s too little information about it, tho, which is why I’ve been frustrated lately. Today more than usual❞ Still not much Lara was willing to share, but that was something. 

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??? ;


▒█ {♔ }          ;;

   Breathless musings derived from fragile lips, as a deep green emblem swung, transcending and manipulating gravity from affiliation to rigid chord. He turned in the direction of her wavering physique. Her semblance was reminiscent of fractured menagerie crafted from white porcelain.

    ❝    Huh.. Uh- are you alright?
          What happened?      

   Theoretically, yes, the young explorer was alright. Alive, breathing, with a 
   couple bruises spread over the pale skin which was now dirtied by mud
   and a few bloodstains that weren’t only her own, but mostly from those
   who dared to defy and oppose her. Just alright, yes. 

   Slowly, her lips pursed together for a mere second before a short sigh was
   released, expressing all the exhaustion and impatience she currently felt
   inside her. Why was Lara stopping that random guy, now? The place seemed
   different from Yamatai, and hell, she was as lost as she’d ever been.

    ❝What is this place?❞ The female says in a firm tone, purposefully letting
    the strangers questions pass unanswered.  ❝Who are you?❞ Lara had
    her own questions to make, and they were quite a handful. 

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