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Who is your FC ft reboot Lara?

{ ;outofarrows } this information is in the “Basics” bar by the right side of my blog. Gemma Arterton is her FC

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i was going to post this yesterday but with all the lightning the internet wasn’t fully up until who-knows-when because i went back to sleep after it stopped working—- again. anyway, i am happy you crazy kids are about; as always, it is a pleasure to write & know you, whether i’ve known you for a while, or not. this entire blog was pretty much one big experiment, and i’m happy to say that it has been going very well. that is, thanks to everyone’s support, encouragement, and compliments. ♥

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i’m only human, so some people may not be on here who should be ( which is everyone tbh ) but i love you all the same. thank you once again & know that you are all far too lovely for this world. <3

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It seams pretty canon.

{ ;outofarrows } *screeches* that’s good~ thank!

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The dossier is awesome.

{ ;outofarrows } thanks, dude, I’m glad you think so. Lots of effort put into it, heh

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Dossier page? Can you post a link?

{ ;outofarrows } I’m on mobile right now so I can’t, I guess. But I’ve linked it in the answer and there’s also a link above my blogs description, in one of the stars or arrows. Just hover over them till you see a “dossier” and clink. In any case it’s just type a “/d” after my URL…

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Ι force myself to feel ɴοτʜɩɴɢ

For fear of feeling everything.

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??? }

            "I think you’re trespassing.”


     Not that Garrett wasn’t trespassing already, but at least he had an actual reason to be on explicitly stated private property — he had a job. The owners were out, and he figured he might as well take advantage of the empty scene. Though someone else lurking in the wooded area behind the house came as a surprise, considering their electrified fence.Old rich people really did take every precaution these days.

     The thief was just prying open their kitchen window when he saw the woman out of the corner of his vision. What an awkward situation. At least he’d disabled the alarms. Wouldn’t want to seem like a stupid criminal.

    Of course it was illegal to break into someone else’s house by the dawn, but it wasn’t like if Lara really cared anymore about the laws or what was morally right. No, she stopped caring about such trivial things long before, when killing to survive was one of the many disturbing thoughts passing through her mind. There was something in that old mansion she deeply wanted, a old artifact kept by a couple of elder counts who seemed to be out by that night. It was her chance.

    Before entering, the brunette took all the precautions not to activate any alarms or be caught, not only by other people who might have happened to be around, but also by the electrical fence she had to jump over. Not as much of a hard task as it seems, but still dangerous. In the end; there she was, breaking through a half open window in the first floor and sneaking in careful, silent steps through the corridors… until something stopped her.

    A voice. She almost jumped in her feet, swiftly taking the combat knife out of her holster and holding it tightly, yet not aiming; Lara wasn’t planning to kill anyone that night. But who was there? It didn’t sound or looked like any of the house’s owners, she actually knew both. ❝Ironically, you also seem to, therefore are not in the reason to point fingers. What are you doing here?❞

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Lara's favorite things headcanon? Color, food, music?


{ ;outofarrows } It’s in the dossier page, noonie.

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                      && I кησω тнєу ωιℓℓ gяσω ѕтяσηg.

It’s been a very long time, my journey as Eva. It has been nothing short of a roller coaster shrouded in chaos and fun, and some tears and laughter. Along my way I have met people who have provided countless joy to my life, and made it all the more interesting. Without you, I’m nothing. I would not be here, nor would I be continuing this journey. You have all given me strength and inspiration in ways you could not possibly imagine and I thank you all from the bottom of my hearts. 

                                       ✖ MY DARK KNIGHT 

                                   ✖ MY INFERNAL DEMONS 

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                                                  ✖ GIVEAWAY 

There’s not much I can do here — I don’t have a lot of money for spending on myself, let alone other people. so I will have to restrict myself to what I can make with my own hands. Do you like my art?? Good. Cause that’s what you’re going to get — maybe even a GIFSET edit or two, a playlist. Basically, anything you want, I don’t mind. My rules are, one reblog and like per person, must be following me. If you are following me before 7/21/14, you will get an extra entry. I will use Random.ORG to decide who the winner is. The deadline is 8/20/14 at 12 A.M. Thank you all for everything!

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